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1966 Dodge Charger Restoration Parts

1966 Dodge Charger Restoration Parts Consumer Reviews

The Dodge is one of the best cars brands in America and their charger model is especially good in all respects.

This important model of Dodge has many years of history. We are having an old 1966 Dodge Charger in our home that was not used since long after the death of my uncle who was riding it till he died. This Dodge had a character of its own and since I have retired from active service now I felt that it is the right time for me to put some time and money to bring the old boy to life again.

So, I along with my elder son who has keen interest in cars began the restoration of our old 1966 Dodge charger. But only after we started the process we came to know how difficult it is to get the right and necessary 1966 dodge charger restoration parts for our car. Luckily my son found out a website that carried all the required parts and gave the facility to order them over the Internet.

To our surprise all the parts arrived as promised and our Dodge is back on the road and now I am able to give my grandchildren the thrill of driving a old muscleman on the road. Thanks to these guys who carried all the parts required for my car.

Ronald Steve, Fresno, CA

Restoring an old car is not just putting an old recluse back on the road.

But for me it is like making history to repeat and helping us to relive the past and show the youngsters of this day how it felt to be inside a strong and roaring car of yesteryears. It is like opening a new era in oneís life. Thatís how I felt when undertook to restore my old 1966 Dodge charger that was left in ruins for just too long.

When I touched it, it was just a heap of rust and I was determined to bring it back to life again and jumped in. But alas all my enthusiasm drained from me as it was near impossible to get all the 1966 Dodge charger restoration parts required for my car.

But after a very long and frustrating search I was able to find it on a website and I happily ordered them and I am now installing all the parts that are making my Dodge look like the original and I will be back on the road soon. Thank you guys.

Lawrence F, Pocatello, ID

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