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How to Test A Solar Battery Charger

For Properly Using a Solar Battery Charger You Must Know How to Test A Solar Battery Charger

When you have a solar powered battery charger and want to use it you must be sure of its functioning so that you can confidently use it to recharge your batteries.

A solar battery charger is a combination of different units and the modern chargers are built as a single unit all fitted on a same substrate material.

The Solar power can be generated stored and used through a solar battery charger but the amount of electrical energy that can be received from the solar battery charger depends on its efficiency and the power output is determined by the type, size and orientation of the solar panel and also by the amount of sunlight it receives.

The present day solar panels are made of amorphous technology and have high efficiency and are made of highly photosensitive materials that give more power to your battery chargers. To know the level of functioning of the battery charger you must be able to know how to test a solar battery charger. If you are a technically oriented person you will know how to test a solar charger and you can test the same by yourself.

Otherwise you have to take it to a trained person to accurately test the same and know the level of output, the amount of power available from your battery charger. This is necessary to know the level of use you can put your battery charger to and this will help you decide how best you can use your battery charger.

The best way to test the solar battery charger is by testing it through a voltmeter and reading its output voltage when it is connected to a 12- volt battery for recharging it and we can know that it is charging the battery if the voltmeter shows a reading of 13.5 volts.

If you want to know if your battery charger is working at all or when you do not have a voltmeter or a millimeter then you can just touch the output terminals with each other and you must find a spark coming at the point of contact. This is just to see if the charger is working at all. This type of test must not be done often and if not carefully done it may damage the battery charger.

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