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Husky Smart Battery Charger

Get A Good Husky Smart Battery Charger And Have All The Power You Want For Your Batteries

In the present days the technology that runs the batteries and battery chargers have advanced much.

The modern day battery chargers have become very smart and intelligent and as such they are designed to recharge your batteries in a smart and automatic way without much of your involvement.

There are many battery chargers from Husky and the one bearing the model number HSK037 is one of the best among them due to various advanced features and safety features included in it. The Husky smart battery charger HSK037 is a multi purpose and multi featured battery charger. This is designed to run many of the 110/120 Volt AC appliances and can be used to power 12 Volt DC appliances also. This can be used as a portable power source as this can be used for jumpstarting your vehicle engines during emergencies.

The Husky smart battery charger HSK 037 is one of the versatile portable AC/ DC portable battery systems and comes with built in inflator. The battery charger can be used as a portable source fro lighting also as it has a built in 400 watts inverter. The heart of this Husky battery charger is the non-spillable, maintenance-free, heavy-duty, sealed battery that is safe to store, transport and use at any place.

This is powered by the above mentioned maintenance free battery and the compact design makes it easy to carry as a portable source of power for any emergency. As this built on a Molded high-impact case is tough and durable. One another important feature is the area light built into the battery charger that becomes a good source of light when you need it at remote locations.

This battery charger cum portable battery power source comes with many safety features like Automatic Overload - built-in protection, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, Overheating, Safety Power Switch and Reverse Polarity Alarm etc.

You can find the instruction manual at: http://www.w1npp.org/ares/RedCross/HSK037.pdf

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