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Marquette Battery Charger Parts

Marquette Battery Charger Parts Consumer Reviews

I am working in a large medical center where we are having many number of advanced medical equipments.

We are having many types of GE Medical equipments and those from other brands and most of these are powered by GE Marquette battery chargers. These are of very high quality and they can be used to charge the medical equipments without any problem.

In the coronary scan unit we were having another brand of battery charger that began giving a lot of problems and due to this the performance of the main system was adversely affected. The service personnel were able to locate the problem and found that the problem is due to the battery charger.

When we wanted to install a Marquette battery charger for the same, I got the instruction manual and was satisfied that the Marquette battery charger parts are very safe to be used in sensitive medical equipment and ordered for the battery charger and now we are able to use the Scan system without any problem.

Paul Donald, Georgetown, DE

I am working in the maintenance department of a big medical center and we are having many types of sophisticated medical equipments.

The power supply to these has to be maintained properly as per their requirements. In my experience I am able to see that the GE Marquette Battery chargers are best for many types of medical equipments and they are best for getting trouble free service for a long time.

Moreover the Marquette battery charger parts are designed in such a way that they do not cause any interference in the medical equipments. We are very much satisfied with their performance and it is the real power horse behind many of the life saving critical medical equipments.

Renind L, Idaho Falls, ID

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