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Schumacher 150 Amp Car Battery Charger

Have The Schumacher 150 Amp Car Battery Charger Jumpstart Your Car Engine At Any Time

Schumacher has many battery chargers and there are many types of high capacity battery charging options that are mounted on wheels.

These are meant for heavy-duty professional use. When your car refuses to start you need a high power battery charger to jump-start the same. For Jump-starting your batteries you need to have a battery charger that gives high amperes and there are battery chargers that are built to give over 150 Amperes of power to the Batteries.

One of such battery charger is the Schumacher 150 amp car battery charger that is designed for jumpstarting the car batteries with its 150 Amperes battery charger supply. This is an advanced battery charger and the same is fully controlled by microprocessor and this constantly monitors the amount of voltage and current going to the battery.

This is able to give the exact amount of power needed to recharge various types of batteries like AGM, GEL, Sealed Lead Acid, Deep Cycle, Spiral-Cell and Standard Automotive batteries.

The Schumacher 150 amp car battery charger is built for rapid charging of your battery in a professional environment and it can maximize the charging power and battery life with its reduced charging times. The 150-ampere Engine starting current can give sure starting of your car even in harshest weather conditions.

If you want to recharge the larger batteries you can use the 55 ampere rapid charging mode, and the 20 ampere fast charging mode can be used for regular charging of the batteries.The 2-Ampere mode is used for recharging smaller batteries and for maintaining larger ones.

In this float / trickle charging mode this charger can keep the batteries trickle charged and keep them at 100% of their battery power for any length of time. This has additional features for battery and alternator tester and with this it is easy to find out and diagnose all electrical problems in your vehicle. As it comes with reverse hook-up protection it is safe to operate and with the LED indicators it is easy to see the status of the Battery charger during operation.

You can find the manuals for many of the Schumacher battery chargers at:http://powertool.manualsonline.com/manuals/mfg/schumacher/schumacher_battery_charger_product_list.html

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