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Vector Battery Charger

Vector Battery Charger Reviews Ratings

Vector chargers are the products of the Vector Products Inc. that has been acquired by Black and Decker in 2006. Since then Black and Decker is manufacturing all the products of Vector.

The Vector Battery charger is a revolutionary product that is innovatively built to meet the charging needs of all batteries in a smart way. The vector smart battery chargers are called as smart chargers as they can do the recharging of the batteries in a multi stage safe way. The Vector products are known for their ingenuity and uniqueness.

There are many types of vector battery chargers and all the products are popular among the consumers due to their ease of use, safety in operation and the way in which they can enhance the life and power of the batteries.

They are known for their safe charging characteristics and can give back power to your discharged batteries in a safe way and can bring them back to active life in a fraction of the time when compared to the conventional battery chargers. The vector battery chargers have occupied a special place among the users due to their low cost and high performance.

Vector battery chargers are the state of the art compact, plug and play type battery chargers that have completely redefined the way in which you have been recharging your discharged batteries.

These chargers can be used to charge a wide range of batteries and some of the chargers are specific to their models while the others can be used on any batteries that fits their specifications. When you are in need of an efficient car battery charger, you can make use of the vector smart battery chargers to get the maximum power potential back to your batteries.

There are many types of vector battery chargers, so that you can find the one that best suits your specific needs. These smart and intelligent battery chargers can take the worry out of recharging and bring back the battery to full life again in a fraction of the time and hence the Vector battery chargers are the first choice of the users when they have used it once. The smartness in recharging comes from the advanced electronics incorporated in these chargers that can recharge the batteries in a safe way, without causing damage to the batteries.

The Vector Battery chargers are available in different categories, such as Vector smart chargers, Go Power Peak Power battery chargers, Low power chargers and medium power chargers. The most popular category of Vector smart battery chargers is the 12 Volt automotive battery chargers that are sold in large numbers.

There are many individual models with smart features that can be used on specific applications. The VEC080 model is a very compact 12 volt battery charger that can be taken with you always, and it is a float charger that charges your batteries at 2 Amp current and it is fully automatic with float mode monitoring the battery during the entire charging phase.

The next best model is the VEC1087C Vector Smart Charger 2/6/10 amp that is also a fully automatic battery charger with float monitoring. This is an easy to use charger with an easy to read display that shows the charging rate and operating mode throughout its operation. It has a Bulk charge and Rapid start features that can help you start your car in 5 minutes from a flat battery. This features the most advanced 3 stage high frequency switch mode rapid charging in its automatic mode. This is fully controlled by microprocessor, and comes with internal short circuit protection, and reverse polarity indicator.

The next best model of the vector battery chargers is the VEC1089A Vector Smart 15/10/2 12 Volt Charger. This is also a fully automatic battery charger with auto float mode monitoring during the entire charging phase. This comes with more advanced features like the battery type selection, digital diagnostics for the electrical problems in your batteries or in the wiring of the vehicle.

It automatically checks the alternator and battery. This user-friendly charger has a detailed display that shows the vital statistics like charge rate, operating mode, battery voltage, full charge, fault codes etc. This has a 3.5-minute bulk/ rapid charging mode with a 3-stage high frequency automatic rapid charge.

The VEC1095A Vector Smart Charger 2/6/10 amps with 75 Amp Engine Start are another automatic 12-volt charger with full float mode monitoring. This has wide display and shows the charge rate and the operating mode during the recharging. It has a 1-minute charge to start with bulk charge/ Rapid start. This also has a 3 stage high frequency automatic rapid charging and has an internal short circuit protection and is fully controlled by a microprocessor. This has a high frequency power conversion factor with a 75 Amp engine start current rating.

The Vector VEC1093D - 2/10/20/40/100 - Engine Start 12 Volt Charger is another best vector battery charger that is fully automatic and operates at a high frequency. This has many combined features with a smart battery charger like battery tester with digital amp charger, an alternator tester and reconditioner, and an engine starter. It can start your engine in 1 minute from 50% discharged battery and can charge it fully in an hours time. It has a wide digital display that clearly shows the charge rate, operating mode, fault codes and full charge level. This comes with a 3 stage automatic rapid charging with full microprocessor control.

All the vector battery chargers are known for their 3 stage charging process that can safely bring back your battery to normal life again without affecting its life time. At the start of the charging phase it starts with a bulk or rapid charge and gives the battery the maximum rated current for speedy engine start off and once the optimum level of current is reached the charging automatically progresses to the second phase which is the absorption phase. Here the charging takes place at a constant predefined power and the last charging phase is the top- off charge in which the charging is shut off after reaching the optimum rate and gives a trickle charge if necessary to maintain full charge and ensures that there is no acid leaking, overcharging or over heating of the battery.

When you want to buy a Vector battery charger the first place to for is your local automotive shop and go for the Walmart vector battery chargers, and if you do not have time you can always search the various vector chargers website online and select, order and pay online to get them delivered to your home.

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